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Environmental Management

In the activities of city life, in industry, in commercial operations, in service delivery, i.e. wherever there is movement, there is an environmental footprint.  This footprint leads to an environmental pollution in the air, water resources and soil that are defined as the recipient environment. All of the technical, economic and sustainable solutions that start with the prevention of environmental pollution, that include reducing the size of environmental damage or eliminating environmental pollution, and that cover environmental improvement activities are defined as environmental management. In our country, as in the rest of the world, environmental management activities are executed by local governments to a large extent.

Marmara Municipalities Union supports environmental activities of municipalities with its training programs, environmental management-focused work groups and multi-party collaborations. Environmental management efforts focus on the development of local environmental policies and environmental management strategies by acting as a bridge between municipalities and ministries and other institutions operating in the field of environmental management.

The Environmental management unit works in collaboration to ensure uniformity in implementation of the legislation that directly concerns the municipalities, makes reviews by offering different opinions and suggestions to make such implementation more effective, then the compiled suggestions are transferred to the central government and thus, the municipalities are actively included in the legal regulations.

The Marmara Sea, which was the motivation for founding of the MMU in 1975, is still one of our top priorities. At Marmara Sea Symposiums, all stakeholders come together periodically and benefit from the interdisciplinary approach and the power that comes from acting together.

Given that energy efficiency and efficient use of resources are directly related to environmental management, we participate in collaborations that we believe to have the potential of increasing capacity in this regard.

It is important to connect the goals and indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals directly related to environmental management with the environmental management activities performed by local governments. Therefore, MMU studies access to Global Goals from an environmental management perspective using the indicators.

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