Working Areas

Urban Technologies and Innovation

MMU does not only support its member municipalities in urban technologies and innovation area, but also creates a bridge between the private sector, NGOs and universities thanks to the the interactive joint efforts MMU’s Information Technologies and City Planning Departments,

In this context, efforts are made or planned in the following major activity areas.

  • Developing solutions and producing projects for the needs and issues of smart cities by creating platforms for urban technologies and innovation based research, implementation and common policies.
  • Ensuring the widespreading of the smart city concept and its practices, creating know-how on the subject and contributing to local specialization.
  • Following national and international organizations that use city technologies effectively and creating a communication network with these organizations to spread the best examples in this field according to the level of interest of the society.
  • Developing participative models and establishing laboratories that will increase the joint operability of all functional areas of the city.
  • Applying to national and international projects.
  • Providing consultancy and training services.
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