MMU Has Become a Member of ICLEI and Energy Cities

Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU) has become a member of Energy Cities and ICLEI, which carry out awareness-raising, capacity building and advocacy activities on environment and sustainability.

With ICLEI and Energy Cities membership, MMU aims to strengthen its ties with other local governments abroad and their representatives working on similar issues, to share knowledge and experience with these institutions, to promote the works of its members in the international arena, to follow cutting-edge developments and knowledge in areas such as city, sustainability and the environment and bring this knowledge to Turkey, to voice the problems and demands of the municipalities in the Marmara Region in international events and to represent them on global platforms.


ICLEI aims to create a rapidly developing urban life by considering sustainability ideals. The network includes over 2500 local and regional governments from 125 countries and was established in Toronto in 1990. ICLEI aims to influence the sustainability policies of its members and promote low-emission, nature-focused, fair, resilient, and circular development. ICLEI promotes connections between local and regional actors and brings together different sectors such as public institutions, international organizations, financial institutions, and NGOs through its events. Furthermore, ICLEI provides its members with opportunities to showcase their practices on global channels and represent them at global forums.

For more information on ICLEI: https://iclei.org/

About Energy Cities

Energy Cities was established in Brussels in 1990 with the aim of radically changing the energy policies and systems of European cities based on locality and sustainability, contributing to the efforts of ensuring that Europe becomes a climate-neutral continent by 2050, and recognizing local authorities as key players in the process of energy transformation. The network gathers more than 170 cities from 30 different countries under a single roof and carries out works encouraging the use of renewable energy and smart technologies that provide energy efficiency, and careful resource consumption. In addition, the network conducts advocacy and dialogue activities in the European Union and member states to increase the impact of local governments in the energy transition process.

For more information on Energy Cities: https://energy-cities.eu/