NALAS Published 2019 Report On "Benchmarking On Solid Waste Management in South-east Europe"

The Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS), of which Marmara Municipalities Union is a member, has published the new Benchmarking Report on Solid Waste Management in South-East Europe (SEE).

The third Solid Waste Management Benchmarking Report in SEE comes after a three-year interval, and unquestionably shows a positive trend in the waste management sector at the level of NALAS member countries. It also points out that the most obvious differences within the Region are between EU members and candidate countries as a consequence of the obligation of former ones to strictly apply standard set in EU policies.

The Report is a joint effort of the NALAS Task Force on Solid Waste and Water Management members from eleven Local Government Associations (LGAs), and provides an important overview of the waste management practices in South-East Europe, compared to EU standards. The document has an awareness-raising purpose in terms of promoting and communicating new trends and policies in waste management and related topics introduced by the EU. In this particular case the topic of Circular Economy was introduced by extending the methodological approach with two additional indicators, one local and one national, and the survey about the basic concept and Circular Economy principles among NALAS Solid Waste and Water Management Task Force members.

To download the report: http://www.nalas.eu/News/SWM_Rep_2019