MMU Has Become a Member of AEBR

Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU) has become a member of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), which aims to promote cooperation in border regions, expand coordination and experience sharing, and develop solutions to common problems.

With AEBR membership, MMU aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation, share knowledge and experience with local governments from abroad regarding the specific needs of member municipalities in border regions, promote the works of its members in the international arena, and express the problems and demands of border municipalities in the Marmara Region and aims to represent them on global platforms.

About AEBR

AEBR contributes to the development and implementation of cross-border cooperation in Europe for the benefit of all border and cross-border regions. AEBR aims to represent the interests of border and cross-border regions before the relevant authorities at the European level, to raise awareness of the special needs of border and cross-border regions, and to channel relevant information on cross-border cooperation. AEBR provides a common platform to coordinate and develop joint projects through Task Forces and specific partnerships, which consist of representatives from different countries. In addition to raising awareness of the specific needs of border regions, AEBR reports on new decisions and up-to-date information at the European level and works to influence decisions.

For more information on AEBR: https://www.aebr.eu/