Golden Ant Award Winning Projects 2022 Is Published

Golden Ant Award Winning Projects 2022, the book that contains the award-winning projects of Golden Ant Awards 2022 organized by Marmara Municipalities Union is now published in English and Turkish.

Golden Ant Awards 2022, organized by Marmara Municipalities Union to promote and disseminate municipalities’ projects that improve the quality of life in cities was held in Istanbul in 2022​.

A total of 375 projects competed and 49 projects from 39 municipalities were awarded in 10 categories including governance and participation, urban planning and infrastructure, climate change and environmental management, architecture and urban design, arts and culture, social services, local development, transportation and mobility, smart city applications and disaster management.

This report contains the relationship of the projects with Sustainable Development Goals, their distribution by categories, and the summaries of the awarded projects. 

Download it here.