Winds Of Change inMarmara Municipalities Union

Marmara Municipalities Union, founded in 1975, has been implementing a refreshment in its corporate identity and a renewal in its logo in the 44th year of its establishment.

This change is the harbinger of a new breath brought to our works with the mission of researching, supporting, sharing and raising awareness. Sustainable renewal is a way of life in Marmara. We have decided upon a little bit of an innovation which is to pave the path for bigger innovations.

We said, “Simple is perfect, less is more,” and freshened.

What does our new logo tell about us?

We serve municipalities of all sizes including small cities with a few thousand inhabitants represented on the same platform as big cities with tens of millions, all of which are working to achieve the same goals.

Lines of different sizes represent municipalities of different scales.

Cities/municipalities of different scales stand side by side oriented towards the same goals, and support other partners that are in need of information, experience and resources. ‘The elders,’ holding the highest share of knowledge, experience and resources, are portrayed through the image of a mainstay (‘friend’ and ‘back-stone,’ the two words being etymologically associated in the Turkish language).

Spaces between the Lines
The autonomy of the cities/municipalities and their quality as independent entities as well as the uniqueness of each and every one of them are emphasized irrespective of the level of cooperation, solidarity, sharing and support between the cities. The most crucial result here is that when all these cities come together with their distinctive features, they form Marmara/MBB /M. M is incomplete without any of these features.

Blue and Green
Another aspect of MBB's founding philosophy is underlined through blue and green. Blue stands for water, the source of life, and the Sea of Marmara in particular; green, on the other hand, emphasizes the protection of the natural balance and the environment and that urbanization should be in harmony with the natural life and nature.