Sustainability and Climate Change Center Established Within MMU

"Sustainability and Climate Change Center", which will carry out activities on climate change within Marmara Municipalities Union, was established unanimously at the General Assembly Meeting held on May 17. Sustainability and Climate Change Center became the first among similar institutions to operate in this field.

Sustainability and Climate Change Center will focus on urban transportation, energy and buildings, land use and biodiversity, water and wastewater, waste, agriculture and food. The center will play an active role in the localization of Sustainable Development Goals considering its governance, finance and digitalization dimensions; consulting municipalities; preparing local climate plans by taking into account the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal, and local climate action plans in accordance with national policies by cooperating with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation, and Climate Change.

It will support MMU member municipalities in preparing Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) and will also undertake a mission as a multi-actor platform bringing together non-governmental organisations, universities, local governments, central government and international actors.