Present Your Good Practice Project at MARUF23!

Marmara Urban Forum is looking for examples of good practices to be exhibited in the “Good Practice Showcase” session. Applications close on 14 July 2023. MARUF23 will be held on 4-7 October 2023 at the Istanbul Congress Center.

What is Good Practice Showcase?

Good Practice Showcase is a session that will be held as part of MARUF23, in which project owners/partners from all around the world introduce their projects that aim to find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within 8 minutes.

This session aims to enable stakeholders, especially local governments, to share knowledge and experience with each other, disseminate good practices, and build network.

Good practices to be exhibited are expected to:

  • contribute to the development of the local,
  • bring innovative solutions to problems,
  • be effective,
  • be carried out through participatory methods,
  • be inclusive,
  • be applicable to different municipalities and cities,
  • inspire local governments,
  • be efficient,
  • contribute to environmental, economic or social sustainability,
  • provide social benefits. 

Who Can Apply?

Provided that at least one of the project partners is a municipality, any organization (NGO, university, public sector, private sector, etc.) can apply.

Application Criteria

  • Completed or ongoing projects can apply.
  • An organization can apply with more than one project. Only one partner can apply for the same project.
  • Institutions affiliated to the municipalities can apply together with their municipality.
  • All projects can apply regardless of their budget or whether they were carried out with their own resources or an alternative financial source.
  • Find the application link here.

Why Should I Apply?

This process will contribute to increasing the national and international awareness of successful practices and support project owners to increase their potential to attract different cooperation and financial resources. Good practices made with great efforts will be experienced in the most effective and creative way in a limited time, and project owners will have the chance to build network and present their projects to local government employees, decision-makers and all stakeholders of the city.

Additionally, Good Practice Showcase will be published on MARUF's social media accounts during and after MARUF23, and the projects presented in the session will be featured in MARUF23 publications.   Project owners will be provided with hall and technical support. Other costs will be borne by the applicants.