MMU Will Host World Metropolitan Day 2023 in Istanbul Within the Framework of MARUF23!

At the 14th Metropolis World Congress, it was declared that Marmara Municipalities Union will host World Metropolitan Day (7 October) this year in Istanbul within the framework of Marmara Urban Forum (MARUF) in partnership with Metropolis and UN-Habitat.

Every 7 October, World Metropolitan Day commemorates the adoption of the Montreal Declaration on Metropolitan Areas by providing a global forum that brings together metropolises from all over the world. Since 2018, Metropolis and UN-Habitat promote a better urban future by advancing World Metropolitan Day in the framework of Urban October. The goal of the World Metropolitan Day is for local, regional and metropolitan governments –and their communities– to promote collective action to create resilience, advance social justice and develop better public services for all our urban spaces.

The 2023 theme is The Power of Nature in our Metropolises to highlight how nature-based solutions can enhance the resilience, inclusiveness and liveability of urban spaces. All levels of governments, private companies, academic institutions, civil society, international organisations, city networks, urban leaders and experts worldwide can join the movement by organising webinars, workshops and activities.

You can also join World Metropolitan Day virtually or physically to reimagine a better future together by organising:

  • Events or workshops such as discussions, online panels, masterclasses, or learning activities to spread awareness and share knowledge
  • Local observance: invite local governments of your metropolis to jointly discuss metropolitan issues
  • Commitments: approve or enact a plan, policy, programme, regulation or project that contributes to achieving a more resilient and caring metropolitan spaces

Find out more about this year’s theme, The Power of Nature in our Metropolises here

Marmara Urban Forum website