MMU Hosted UN-Habitat Experts On City Profiling For Municipalities

The third Local Governance and Migration Meetings, organized as a part of Turkey Resilience in Local Governance Project (RESLOG-Turkey) that aims to contribute to increase in the service capacity of municipalities in Turkey within the framework of principles of resilience, pacifism and inclusiveness, was hosted by Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU) on 9 July 2019.

The meeting on “City Profiling for Municipalities Affected by Migration” took place with the participation of experts from UN-Habitat and of representatives from Union of Municipalities of Turkey, Cukurova Municipalities Union, and pilot municipalities from Marmara and Cukurova regions in Turkey. The meeting started with the opening speeches by Mr M. Sinan Özden, RESLOG-Turkey National Project Manager, and Mr. M. Cemil Arslan, MMU Secretary General.

In the first session of the meeting, Ms. Stephanie Loose, Human Settlements Officer at UN- Habitat (Nairobi), gave a talk on the current approaches and frameworks with regard to the issue of migration adopted by international community and their impact on the roles of municipalities in migration management. Following her speech, Ms. Suzanne Maguire, Head of Urban Analysis Department at UN-Habitat (Lebanon), made a presentation on “urban profiling” and its potential for identifying the spatial distribution of the variety of data related to migrant population in order to have an effective and better migration management. Representatives from pilot municipalities also contributed to session by mentioning their data-gathering method and the challenges that they faced while they were collecting data on migrant populations.

In the second session, participants divided into groups worked on a case study which allows them to put their knowledge on urban profiling and strategy development into practice.

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