MMU Endorsed the City Declaration “The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets”

Marmara Municipalities Union endorsed the city declaration titled “The New Paradigm for Safe City Streets” which is designated and coordinated by the international city networks, POLIS (Cities and Regions for Transport Innovation) and Eurocities.

The Declaration, which came out at the Road Safety Roundtable event co-organized by European Commission and the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety in European Mobility Week 2019, affirms the role of cities in establishing road safety and importance of collective action in reaching the goal of zero road death by 2050. The Declaration consists of ten principles aimed to guide the actions of cities to eliminate insecurities deriving from traffic in urban streets. The principles are the followings:

- Our streets, our responsibility
- Don’t blame, protect
- City streets are not motorways
- Mobility must be safe, or it won’t become sustainable
- Safety leads to efficiency
- Reduce risk at the source
- Fairness and freedom of choice
- The right to know
- Technology can be a promise, not an alibi
- Let cities lead

For more information, you can contact Pedro Homem de Gouveia ([email protected]) or Thomas Willson ([email protected])

You can reach the declaration at: http://nws.eurocities.eu/MediaShell/media/The-New-Paradigm-for-Safe-City-Streets.pdf