MMU and UNDP Signed Mou

Marmara Municipalities Union (MMU) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to develop cooperation over the common areas.

Within the framework of the MoU, it is planned to support the institutional capacity development of MMU member municipalities through joint programs, meetings, trainings, researches and projects to be carried out by  the two institutions. Working on issues such as sustainable development, eradication of poverty, women's empowerment, good governance, UNDP will contribute the efforts of MMU member municipalities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to find innovative solutions to rapidly changing and increasingly complex urban problems, focusing on the participatory design and placemaking practices. On the other hand, MMU will support the coordination among municipalities.

In the scope of the MoU, MMU and UNDP Turkey Acceleration Laboratory have made an open call titled “Public Space Design Project With Participatory Methods in Space”, which is exclusively open to the members of MMU, with the financial support by the Japanese Cabinet Office (JCO). With this call, it is planned to renovate a public space that has lost its function in the city, remained idle and / or is currently functioning with a sustainable model by using participatory design methods and innovative solutions. More information on the call can be reached via: https://marmara.gov.tr/mekanda-katilimci-yontemlerle-kamusal-alan-tasarimi-projesi-marmara-bolgesi-acik-cagri/

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