Caregiver Support Workshop Held as Part of Solutions Lab

The workshop series organized within the scope of the Metropolis Solutions Lab, in partnership with the Marmara Municipalities Union and Metropolis, continues. The “Developing Care Systems for Equitable and Prosperous Cities” workshop held online on May 27 brought together 12 participants from Istanbul, Balıkesir, Baghdad, Amman, Lahore, Bogota, and Belo Horizonte. Following the virtual meeting, the upcoming workshop is scheduled to be held in Istanbul on June 10th and 11th, 2024.

Care Work and Women: Contributions and Solutions of Local Governments

Care is worth $11 trillion annually, twice the global tech sector, yet remains unrecognized and undervalued. Caregivers, predominantly women and girls, face cycles of poverty, exhaustion, and isolation, dedicating three times more time to caregiving than men. This unpaid labor limits their education, economic independence, and empowerment, perpetuating gender inequality. As care needs rise with aging populations and demographic shifts, the burden on women grows. Local governments can address this by integrating care into urban planning and service delivery.

Supporting Caregivers Workshop

The workshop, which aims to encourage municipal managers to develop effective maintenance systems in their cities and to share the experiences of municipalities that stand out with their good practices in this field on an international scale, was moderated by Görsev Argın Uz, Marmara Municipalities Union Director of Training and Projects and Julia Munroe, Metropolis Policy Officer bringing together 12 participants from Istanbul, Balıkesir, Baghdad, Amman, Lahore, Bogota and Belo Horizonte.

This workshop series aims to encourage participants to develop and implement inclusive care systems in their cities and to provide information and tools that will be useful for building more resilient and inclusive communities.

About Metropolis and Solutions Labs

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The solutions lab model is Metropolis’ approach to policy exchange—bringing cities together around a common metropolitan challenge. Each lab will connect renowned topic experts with participants, leverage the experiences of the participating city, and complement them with external expertise and relevant examples. For detailed information about Metropolis and Solutions Labs click here.