Registration For World Urban Forum Is Now Open

Registration for the 11th session of the World Urban Forum (WUF) organized by UN-Habitat is open. WUF11 will be held in the Polish city of Katowice from 26-30 June 2022. 

This will be the first time that the WUF, convened by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), will take place in Eastern Europe. The theme of WUF11, “Transforming our Cities for a Better Urban Future”, will provide greater insights and clarity on the future of cities based on existing trends, challenges and opportunities, as well as suggest ways cities can be better prepared to address future pandemics and a wide range of other shocks.

Representatives of national, regional and local governments, academics, business people, community leaders, urban planners will be among the thousands of people are expected to attend WUF11 which is co-organized by Poland’s Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the Municipal Office of Katowice. WUF11 will host world-leading conversations about the sustainable future of cities. A number of events including assemblies, dialogues, roundtables, networking, training, film screening, report launches, Voices from Cities, SDG in Action, Urban Library and ONE UN will take place within the forum.

An international Urban Expo will also run throughout the days of WUF11 to showcase the innovative work of visionaries and leaders in sustainable urbanization from around the globe. Thousands of people are expected to pass through the doors of the Urban Expo as a popular destination during each WUF. The Urban Expo will provide a monumental opportunity for governments, UN agencies, businesses, non-government organisations and academic institutions to showcase their solutions and innovations to achieve sustainable urbanization. Application for exhibition space is available after submission of the online registration form.

About World Urban Forum

The WUF is an all inclusive platform for stakeholders to address challenges of sustainable urbanization. The WUF was established in 2001 by the United Nations to examine one of the most pressing issues facing the world today: rapid urbanisation and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and policies. The first WUF was held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2002 and has been held around the world ever since. The tenth session of WUF was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 8-13 February 2020.

For more information: https://wuf.unhabitat.org

For registration: https://www.unevents.org/Home/Register

Deadline for registration: 22 June 2022