Play Marmara "Food" Calls Participants

Play Marmara is a multi-actor serious game for regional development that is functionalized as a capacity building method for local governments, development agencies and practitioners in the Marmara Region. The Play Marmara serious game, which was previously held with different themes at MARUF19 and MARUF21, will take place at MARUF23 on October 4 and 5, with a focus on "food supply chains".

Sunflower, olive, wheat, potato, grape, peach… How much can the Marmara Region with a population of 25 million feed itself? What innovative and sustainable changes are possible in the supply chains of the most produced and consumed foods in Marmara? Is it possible to reduce air, water and soil pollution while increasing productivity? How can we imagine energy-intensive production and transportation in a cleaner and more circular way? Influential stakeholders of the food chains will be joining the Marmara Urban Forum -MARUF23 with the Play Marmara Food game. Local politicians, experts, companies and non-governmental organizations… They will work collectively on sustainable food chains and seek alternative solutions using Play the Citys interactive gaming method.

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