Phd Showcase

MARUF PhD Showcase aims to give PhD candidates a ground for verbally presenting their PhD projects in English within less than three minutes.

Successful submissions are listed below: 

Department Program
Title of Thesis

Yıldız Technical University

Urban and Regional Planning

Analyzing the Eastern Marmara Automotive Cluster from the Perspective of Evolutionary Economic Geography

Koç University/Democritus University of Greece
LawThe Interpretation of Geneva Convention by Greece and Turkey After the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Erdem Okumus

Istanbul Technical University

Urban and Regional Planning
Computational Design Approaches for Urban Heat Island Mitigation
Demirol Duyar

Sakarya University
Political Science and Public AdministrationThe Role of Network Governance in Urban Policymaking: The Case of İstanbul
Elif Simge
Fettahoğlu Özgen

Istanbul Technical University/Munich Technical University

Architectural Design PhD Program
Airports as Interscalar Hybrid Grounds Between Landscape, Infrastructure and Architecture: The Case of Istanbul Airport
Emin YahyaMenteşeIstanbul Technical UniversityIstanbul Technical UniversityModelling the Relation Between Ecological Sustainability and Land Use Plans Using GIS Techniques
Istanbul Technic University

Architectural Design Computing
Integrated Approach For Smart Management Of Liveable And Vibrant Cultural Environment
Huriye PerimTemizöz
Istanbul Technical University
MeteorologyInvestigation Urbanization Effects of Urban and Rural Areas Over Istanbul With Cosmo-Clm And Terra-Urb Climate Models
İrfanÖzacitHacettepe UniversityPolitical Science and Public Administration / Public AdministrationAn Evaluation on Urban Transformation Practices in Metropolitan Areas in Turkey
Istanbul Technical University

Landscape Architecture
Utilizing Projection Mapping at Urbanscapes for the Revitalization of Under-Valued Public Open Spaces
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

City and Regional Planning / Urbanism
Assessment of Solidarity-Based Creativity Potential in Small and Medium-Sized Cities: The Case of Sinop
Nezih OnurKuruKoç University

Political Science and International Relations
ntergroup Relations between Syrians and Host Communities in the Urban Periphery: A Comparative Study on Esenyurt and Sultanbeyli Cases
Yildiz Technical University

Yildiz Technical University

Becoming A Smart Community through Energy Efficient Urban Lifestyles
SezenKayhanKoç UniversityDesign, Technology and SocietyScreen Production and Exhibition in Istanbul under Urban Transformation
Istanbul Technical University

Climate and Sea Science

Quantification of the Impact of Uncertainty in Emissions on Air Quality Model Estimates
University of Southampton
SociologyLocation Matters. The Role of Belonging and Place-Making among Owner-Occupiers, Tenants, Landlords and Second Homeowners in a Neoliberal Waterfront Area: The Case of Ocean Village, Southampton

PhD projects address at least one of the following forum themes:
   • City Networks
   • Environment and Climate Change
   • Governance
   • Housing and Built Environment
   • Local Development
   • Migration
   • Public Space
   • Resilience
   • Social Inclusion
   • Transport and Mobility
   • Urban Infrastructure
   • Urban Technologies and Innovation

Rules of the PhD Showcase
   • The language of presentation is English.
   • A maximum of three minutes is the time limit and exceeding the limit will result in disqualification.
   • Slide transitions, animations, or ‘movement’ are not allowed; only a single-static PowerPoint slide is permitted.
   • Presentations must be given orally.
   • Such additional props as laser pointers, costumes, musical instruments, notes, cue cards, sound and video files are not allowed.
   • The jury starts the time when competitors commence their presentations either through gesture or speech.

Assessment and Awarding
• The panel of judges will be comprised of academics, local managers and mayors and audience.
• Successful presentations will be determined by the votes of the jury and audience and the winner will be announced immediately afterwards.
• An award of $500 will be granted to the winner.