Cities #WithRefugees

UNHCR’s #withrefugees Campaign invite the mayors of your cities to participate in an initiative to highlight the important work cities all over the world are doing to promote inclusion, support refugees and bring communities together. The idea is to get cities around the world to sign a statement of solidarity #WithRefugees ahead of World Refugee Day 20 June.

This initiative seeks to build upon the work related to the 2017 Global Mayors Summit that took place during the United Nations General Assembly in New York and that cities all over the world are already engaged in locally and through their networks. 

To highlight this work UNHCR ask that cities sign onto the statement of solidarity #WithRefugees, available here and at the link below no later than June 18 2018:


The statement of solidarity will be promoted through a global press release on 20 June 2018. UNHCR hopes that with at least 100 cities endorsing the statement a strong message of global solidarity would be sent for families forced to flee.
They would ask cities who sign the #WithRefugees solidarity statement to:
 - issue a local press release ( a template will be provided) with a quote from your Mayor- support this announcement through your social media channels on World Refugee Day- publish the statement of solidarity in the local newspaper with the quote from the Mayor. 
UNHCR will publicize the initiative from its global social media accounts and connect each city with its national office so they can develop specific plans and support on national mainstream and social media.
If you are interested in elevating this opportunity to your mayor, don't hesitate to reach out to Claire Roberts from UNHCR available at: [email protected]